Reports: Drakeo The Ruler Dies Following Stabbing

He was attacked at an LA festival…

According to reports Drakeo The Ruler has died following a stabbing at Once Upon A Time In LA Festival.

The incident took place backstage at the LA festival, with Drakeo The Ruler involved in an incident backstage.

Although full details are unclear, it is being reported by numerous outlets that Drakeo was attacked by a group of people backstage.

Los Angeles Times reports that authorities have not confirmed the identity of the victim, but multiple sources on-site have informed the publication that it was Drakeo the Ruler.

As a result of the incident, the festival shut down early with organisers writing on social media: “The Once Upon A Time In LA Fest is ending early. All performances are now over. Please head to the closest exit and head eastbound on MLK.” Now it has been reported that Drakeo The Ruler has died following the incident.

Drake was among those paying tribute to the rapper, writing on IG Stories: “Nah man this sh*t isn’t right for real wtf are we doing… always picked my spirit up with your energy RIP Drakeo”

Drakeo the Ruler was renowned as one of the most innovative rappers of his generation, but battled legal issues for some time – he was only released from prison in November 2020.

Rest in power, Drakeo the Ruler.

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Source: https://www.clashmusic.com/news/reports-drakeo-the-ruler-dies-following-stabbing