Resonating Cycles, the new album from Neeko Ford

Resonating Cycles isn’t just a coming of age story about a angry kid who grows up around every meaning of the word abuse. No. This album is literally my soul skinned and sold to your ears tastes buds to help you break whatever cycles it is you may be going through yourself. Or that is at least my biggest hope that it can continue to do for every fan whose also from a dysfunctional family and needs that story album to get them through.

I realize that’s putting a lot of pressure on my shoulders to expect that to be the end result, but if I’m going to dream for something so “radical” I might as well dream as big as possible. What started when I was 15 years old ended up literally being a 7 year long therapy session. Resonating Cycles isn’t the quintessential coming of age story, but even though the subjects it embraces head on aren’t necessarily the easiest to cope and talk about I always felt dark but HONEST music that tells a story and isn’t afraid to show pain is the most healing if you are ready to look at your childhood scabs and realize that you can’t keep picking them no matter how afraid of more scars you are.

I analyze what it is to come from a family drenched in nearly almost a century of generational cycles, and tell the story of young, angsty and angry boy desperately trying his best to find an even medium between balancing on the tightrope of the contradictions that come from walking both sides of condemning what we loathed in the vacant room of a non-existent childhood while at the same time drilling nails in our own expectations for becoming those very same things we said we’d never be.

And hopefully peeling off the scabs of childhood abuse, and instead of repressing what’s underneath them, learning to not use the scars as an excuse to be the same things we HATED growing up, but motivation to be BETTER than all those things we despised digesting while growing up. It may not be a story with a resolution, but I think even abuse can be beautiful if it’s flowering your changes.