Rogue Jones Releases New Album “Dos Bebes” Exploring Life’s Messy Glory

An in-depth look at Rogue Jones’s new album, “Dos Bebes,” which explores life, parenthood, and the beauty in imperfection through an eclectic mix of musical styles and influences.

Check out Dos Bebes here

Rogue Jones, a Welsh musical duo consisting of Bethan Mai and Ynyr Pritchard, has released their second album, “Dos Bebes,” which was recorded over a five-year period. The album is a representation of the duo’s subconscious, featuring a variety of themes and thoughts that floated through their heads during the period when they were expecting their first and second children.

“Dos Bebes” explores life in all its messy glory, from light and dark to profound and ridiculous. The album is described as raw, bombastic, vulnerable, gentle, big, and playful. It features soulful, rhythmic melodies with words of hope and redemption.

The album’s variety of genres is a result of the duo’s different styles and influences. Instead of intentionally trying to hone down to a ‘Rogue Jones’ sound, they embraced the eclectic nature of their sound, which turned out to be unique to them.

The album takes listeners through a 5-year journey, from hearing a baby’s heartbeat for the first time to childbirth, toddlers scribbling on things, and pondering why so many new fathers take up Iron Man triathlons. Despite the various themes, all songs are viewed through the prism of becoming parents.

“Dos Bebes” is a remarkable piece of work, according to BBC Introducing’s Adam Walton, and is described as “vivid and essential” by Circuit Sweet. The album is bursting at the seams with big ideas and small vulnerable moments of unguarded honesty, making it a musical treasure trove.