Ruby Topaz’s “Rabbit Hole” Takes Listeners on a Thrilling Journey through the Ages of Rock

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“Rabbit Hole,” Ruby Topaz’s new song, takes listeners on a thrilling journey through the rock cosmos. The band has drawn inspiration from a wide range of legendary rock bands, including The Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, and the Mahavishnu Orchestra, and is fronted by virtuoso guitarist Mark Bram and his alter ego. Bram characterizes their music as having the glam and theatrics of Alice Cooper and David Bowie, the smart rock of Queen, the intensity and urgency of early Zeppelin, and the melodic skill of the Beatles.

Bram, the band’s lead vocalist, guitarist, and pianist, has a high-pitched vocal range influenced by Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury. He also shows off his guitar skills, providing elegant fireworks within the setting of wonderful compositions.

The band’s music is so diverse that categorizing it is impossible, with influences spanning from pop and rock to metal, blues, and fusion.

“Rabbit Hole” exemplifies an old-school approach to musicianship, composition, showmanship, and production, with real people playing real instruments and innovating in every way imaginable. Bram recorded the album in his own studio, employing ancient equipment comparable to that utilized by The Beatles. He even designed the album cover, which was drawn with talent by his mother-in-law, Katrina Ginzburg, and assisted by his wife, Katya Ginzburg-Bram.

The single is a must-listen release for aficionados of rock music since it is atmospheric, passionate, and filled with melody and syncopation. Ruby Topaz has also had national and international success, and with “Rabbit Hole,” they continue to dazzle audiences with their encyclopedic knowledge of all things rock and their earnest devotion to their musical legacy.