Saint Nothing’s “State Of The (He)Art”: A Captivating Exploration of Emotional Deterioration

Exploring the Depths of Emotional Turmoil: Saint Nothing’s “State Of The (He)Art” Delves into the Fragility of Relationships

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Saint Nothing, the solo project led by Calum Devine, returns with the powerful new single “State Of The (He)Art.” Drawing influences from artists like Thirty Seconds To Mars, Bring Me The Horizon, Pvris, and You Me At Six, Saint Nothing blends alternative rock with experimental elements, creating a unique sonic identity. Calum Devine handles vocals, guitars, and production for the project.

“State Of The (He)Art” tells the story of two individuals whose once-strong bond has deteriorated over time, leaving them with a sense of regret and the realization that repairing the damage may be impossible. This heartfelt track explores the complexities of deteriorating relationships and the emotional struggle of letting go.

Saint Nothing combines alternative rock with atmospheric synths, experimenting with production choices. The song captures the essence of their influences while carving out a distinct sound within the genre.

With “State Of The (He)Art,” Saint Nothing showcases artistic growth and confidence. The track features evocative vocals, bombastic guitar riffs, and buried synths, reflecting their commitment to pushing boundaries and creating their best work yet.

Saint Nothing’s “State Of The (He)Art” offers a captivating musical experience, intertwining heartfelt lyricism with an atmospheric sonic landscape. Calum Devine’s talents shine through as he crafts poignant melodies and thought-provoking storytelling. With their unique blend of alternative rock and experimental elements, Saint Nothing continues to captivate listeners and establish their presence within the music scene.