Sarah Rose’s ‘Soul Traveller’ EP: A New Release of Emotional Electronic Pop

UK-based singer/songwriter Sarah Rose collaborates with producer Andrew Potterton to create a darker, more introspective sound in her latest EP, ‘Soul Traveller’. Featuring the uplifting track ‘Heaven Sent’ and co-written songs with Angel City and more, Sarah’s music continues to earn critical acclaim and radio support.

London, United Kingdom

Release Date: 2023-03-10
Check Out Sarah Rose new EP here

UK singer-songwriter Sarah Rose has recently released her new EP “Soul Traveller”, featuring a combination of emotional electronic pop and a darker side of her songwriting and vocal performance. The EP was produced by Andrew Potterton and released on MT Records/MediaTracks. One of the standout tracks from the EP, “Heaven Sent”, is an ambient and uplifting track that blends organic and electronic elements with up front pop drums. It was produced in collaboration with sound designer and producer Luke Targett.

Rose’s previous releases have gained recognition with awards from the Intercontinental Music Awards and American Tracks Music Awards. Her music has also been featured in in-store sync with Caffe Nero and the Guinness Experience. Her sound combines singer/songwriter and alternative pop, drawing inspiration from classic singer/songwriters such as Kate Bush and Sara Bareilles, as well as contemporary pop and electronic artists such as Imogen Heap, Julia Michaels and Sia.

In addition to her recorded work, Rose has also enjoyed success as a songwriter, with songs released on labels such as Hed Kandi, Sony/Direction and Warner Music Norway. Her song “How To Love a Girl” was named a winning song in the 2022 Intercontinental Music Awards and received in-store sync placements with Caffe Nero and the Guinness Experience. With her versatile songwriting skills and heartfelt vocals, Sarah Rose is a rising talent to watch in the UK music scene.