Savoy Ellis’ Sped Up Remix Single “Don’t Break My Heart/The One” Bridges Old-Soul and Modern Touch

Los Angeles-based producer and songwriter Savoy Ellis delivers a unique sound not very prevalent in R&B/Soul with his latest single “Don’t Break My Heart/The One” that combines 60s & 70s Soul music, 70s soft rock, gospel, and jazz influences.

Check out the song here

Savoy Ellis’ latest single, “Don’t Break My Heart/The One (Sped Up) (Remix Single),” is a unique blend of old-school soul and modern R&B. The song, which is about taking a chance on love, has a catchy beat that will have you dancing along in no time.

As the producer and songwriter, Savoy Ellis worked remotely with a team of talented musicians and singers to create the album during the pandemic. Their main influences are 60s and 70s soul music, 70s soft rock, gospel, and jazz, and these genres are evident in the song’s sound.

The sped-up style of the remix gives the song a different feel from the original, which adds to its uniqueness. According to Ellis, the goal was to bridge the old soul sound with a modern touch, and they certainly succeeded.

Overall, “Don’t Break My Heart/The One (Sped Up) (Remix Single)” is a fun and upbeat love song that will have you grooving along to the beat. With its catchy appeal, it’s easy to see why this song is getting rave reviews and is a must-listen for fans of R&B and soul music.