Silja Rós: The Icelandic Rising Star with an Enchanting Jazz-Pop Single for Your Summer Playlist!

Silja Rós, a Multi-Talented Musician and Actress, Captivates Audiences with Her Breathtaking Voice and Groovy Jazz-Pop Sound

Check out the single here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/704YL8fEuKArbrPzuCnNx4?si=a1bIClBtQGKGWWKvRkEnSw&dl_branch=1

Meet the Icelandic sensation, Silja Rós, whose musical journey began in the vibrant singer-songwriter scene of Reykjavík. Starting at the tender age of 17, she fearlessly performed her original music live, leaving audiences spellbound. A multi-instrumentalist with a passion for songwriting, Silja Rós not only creates her own music but also crafts enchanting melodies for fellow artists.

Beyond her musical prowess, Silja Rós shines as an accomplished actress and scriptwriter. Currently engrossed in writing a captivating Icelandic TV show set to be filmed this summer and aired in 2024, her creative talents know no bounds.

Silja Rós’s ethereal and emotive voice has the power to move souls, earning her acclaim on Icelandic radio charts, including Bylgjan and Rás 2. Both of her previous albums received the prestigious accolade of “The Album of the Week” on Rás 2. Earlier this year, she wowed audiences with her Eurovision pre-selection performance of the heartfelt song “Together we grow.”

Presently, Silja Rós is fervently working on her third album, with the song “…guess it would” serving as its second single. This groovy jazz-inspired pop gem showcases extraordinary vocal arrangements, reminiscent of influences like Jacob Collier and Moonchild, making it the perfect addition to your summer playlist.

Collaborating with Icelandic producer Magnus Dagsson, Silja Rós penned the mesmerizing track. Magnus contributed his musical brilliance by performing guitar, bass, and keys, while also recording and mixing the song. Adding to the allure of “…guess it would,” one of Iceland’s leading drummers, Bergur Einar, delivered his rhythmic prowess, and the track was mastered by the skilled hands of Sigurdór at Skonrokk.

As Silja Rós continues her musical ascent, her unique blend of jazz-inspired pop and her awe-inspiring voice are destined to captivate hearts worldwide. “Guess it would” is an invitation to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Silja Rós and savor the musical delights she has to offer. Be sure to embrace this Icelandic rising star’s latest creation and make it an essential part of your summer soundtrack.