Skee Mask Pulls Music From Spotify

The producer has had enough…

Electronic producer Skee Mask has pulled his catalogue from Spotify.

The musician is aligned to Illian Tape, with projects such as ‘Compro’ stamping out a unique vision on the fringes of techno.

Skee Mask has previously expressed disquiet with the streaming system, refusing to place his 2021 project ‘Pool’ on Spotify.

At the time, Clash wrote that the producer’s snub could be a fork in the road for electronic music, emphasising the community-based networks that reside on Bandcamp over algorithmic discovery.

Now Skee Mask has pulled his entire catalogue from streaming services. Still available on Bandcamp, the producer writes that Spotify is “a wealthy company that obviously prefers the development of warfare instead of actual progression in the music business…”

Find his full statement below.

Source: https://www.clashmusic.com/news/skee-mask-pulls-music-from-spotify