St. Buryan - Illogical Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

St. Buryan Kicks Off 2023 with an Infectious Indie-Pop Jam

Experience the Vibrant Energy of ‘Illogical’ and Dance Your Way Through 2023 with St. Buryan

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Release Date: 2023-03-31
Check out Illogical here: ditto.fm/illogical

St. Buryan - Illogical Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

These five lads from Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom are back with a bang, ready to kick off 2023 with their brand new single, ‘Illogical’.

This bright, energetic indie/pop-rock track is a perfect way to start the year, and you can hear the influence of bands such as The Wombats and Bombay Bicycle Club in their sound. Tight indie rhythms paired with sickeningly catchy melodies make ‘Illogical’ an instant hit and a must-listen for any indie music fan.

St. Buryan have already made a name for themselves in the North East music scene, and this release will surely help them continue to build their fan base. Their infectious energy and confident musicianship have already made them a hit with critics and fans alike, and this single will only help to cement their place in the indie music landscape.

So if you’re after a catchy, energetic and memorable track, ‘Illogical’ is the perfect way to start 2023. Get ready to dance your way through the summer with St. Buryan’s latest offering.