Stacy Henle’s Cozy New Single “Bed” Will Make You Want to Stay in All Day

Discover Stacy Henle’s Cozy and Warm New Single “Bed” from Debut Album “Sundry Love Songs”

Check out Bed here: https://open.spotify.com/track/2FH4jvFYlIQfTg4sEtQqz2?go=1&sp_cid=218144e8c4488788a6f888ee9d5a33bb&utm_source=embed_player_p&utm_medium=desktop

Singer-songwriter Stacy Henle’s latest release, “Bed,” captures the warm, comfortable feeling of staying in bed on a lazy morning. The solo artist, who plays guitar, glockenspiel, and sings, is joined by friend Lori Stephens on vocal harmonies. Influenced by classic acts like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Simon and Garfunkel, Henle’s music has a timeless quality that’s sure to resonate with listeners.

Recorded at the Rye Room studio in Portland, Oregon, with Clara Baker as the recording and mixing engineer, “Bed” is the first single off Henle’s upcoming debut album, “Sundry Love Songs.” The album promises to be a collection of heartfelt, personal songs that explore different facets of love.

Fun fact: it took Henle and her team at least three tries to get the sound of the bells just right to match the cozy feeling of the song. “Bed” is sure to make you want to snuggle up and stay in all day, so be sure to give it a listen.