Garland Kelley - The Point of No Return Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Take Action Now: Garland Kelley’s New Single Warns of Dire Consequences

Hear the Urgent Warning from Nashville-Based Artist and Producer Garland Kelley in His New Single, “The Point of No Return”

Nashville, TN, United States

Release Date: 2023-02-24
Check out The Point of No Return here: https://spotify.link/a5e4skF5ayb

Garland Kelley’s new single, “The Point of No Return”, is an urgent warning about the dangers of ignoring the consequences of climate change and self-destruction. With its infectious melodies, energetic rhythms and one-of-a-kind soundscapes, this song is sure to appeal to listeners of all ages.

Garland Kelley - The Point of No Return Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

The song serves as a reminder that the time to take action is now, and that our current trajectory is unsustainable. It tells a story of a world that is rapidly heading towards a point of no return, and how the decisions we make now could have a drastic effect on the future. With its powerful message, this song is sure to start conversations about the importance of environmental conservation.

Garland Kelley is a Nashville-based artist and producer who combines classic rock with a modern point of view to create his signature sound. As a veteran of the live music scene, he is now on the brink of reaching a national audience with his EP and a steady stream of new music and performances. With “The Point of No Return”, he proves that he is a master storyteller who is passionate about making a difference through his music.