Texas-based Indie-Rock Musician Mark Winters Releases New Single “Life of 3”

Love, Devotion, and Legacy – Life of 3 is A Song Inspired by Life’s Wonderful Moments.

Check out Life of 3 here

Mark Winters’ new single, “Life of 3,” is a heartfelt and introspective song inspired by a chance encounter on a drive from LA to San Diego. The Texas-based indie-rock musician was struck by the sight of a couple with a baby in a white minivan behind him in his rearview mirror. Seeing them happy and chatting reminded him of the many wonderful experiences he’s had in his life, and the idea for “Life of 3” (Love, Devotion, and Legacy) was born.

With influences including John Mayer, Tom Petty, and Jason Mraz, Mark Winters’ music is soulful and poetic, using his “rocket scientist brain” to find structures that explore his initial inspiration and feelings. He even writes haikus as a way to tap into his creativity. As a solo artist and with his band, the Jetliners, Winters’ music is passionate and optimistic, reflecting his deep love for his craft and his family.

“Life of 3” is a perfect example of Winters’ approach to songwriting, blending his personal experiences and observations with a catchy melody and thoughtful lyrics. The song is a reminder to cherish the good things in life and to focus on love, devotion, and leaving a positive legacy. Fans of indie-rock and heartfelt lyrics will appreciate Mark Winters’ latest single.