The Marsh Family Releases Heartwarming Single ‘My Storybook’ in Celebration of Golden Anniversary

Discover the Folk Rock Tones and Multi-Talented Vocals of the Family Behind the Viral Pandemic Parodies

Release Date: 2023-02-17
Check out My Storybook here: The Marsh Family

UK-based The Marsh Family has recently released their new single ‘My Storybook’, a heartwarming tribute to companionship and shared memories. The song, written to celebrate a golden wedding anniversary, features the family’s rich range of vocals and harmonies, backed by summery ukulele and acoustic guitars. The toe-tapping chorus and relatable lyrics make the song perfect for anyone reflecting on life’s big moments and the people who shared their journey.

The Marsh Family gained global attention during the pandemic for their unique mix of humour, heart, and hope in their parody songs. The family of six from Kent, UK, has a versatile, earthy, and independent sound, incorporating genres from musicals and folk to Motown and funk. Dubbed the “Von Trapped” family by the New York Times, the family appeared on various platforms such as Jimmy Kimmel Live and the BBC’s Comic Relief.

The family, consisting of parents Ben and Danielle Marsh and their children Alfie, Thomas, Ella, and Tess, have been singing together since the kids were born. The Marsh Family has grown exponentially in their fan base, reaching 130,000 subscribers on YouTube in just 24 months, with all their tracks recorded at home. Though their humorous parodies have drawn comparisons to The Partridge Family and “Weird Al” Yankovic, their original sound carries a mix of folk rock and harmonies similar to the likes of Fleetwood Mac, the Bee Gees, Beach Boys, and The Corrs.