Track Of The Day 10/1 – Farida


Norwegian artists just seem to approach pop with a little more style, a little more verve, than almost anywhere else on the planet.

A country with a rich pop lineage, a new wave of artists are pushing Norwegian music to international heights, with Farida spear-heading this.

The Oslo auteur melds together electronic elements with that human touch, resulting in dramatic songwriting that contains more than a little gravitas.

Entering the Melodi Grand Prix – the competition to select the Norwegian entry for Eurovision, which is in Italy this year – her brooding new single ‘Dangerous’ light just steal the show.

It’s a carefully finessed, expertly balanced piece of music, one that moves from Bond theme esque melodrama to powerfully personal exultation.

Farida comments: “I am part of the new generation where it’s okay for women to speak out – and how refreshing that is. Being different or standing out isn’t synonymous with being dangerous. As for me being both Norwegian, Algerian and a woman I feel I can see things from several aspects. I’ve come to find that many people feel threatened when meeting someone different than themselves. I thrive in that role. I aim to disappoint or impress. As long as it’s not what you expected me to be!”

“I’m tired of society expecting women to feel afraid. I want to feel dangerous. And as I established earlier, oftentimes than not, people are actually intimidated by people wanting to stand out, especially women. I want to take women away from the victimization people expect them to be in. And I want to empower us and all of those men and women looking to subvert peoples’ expectations of them.”

A song that is subversive yet pointed, ‘Dangerous’ is infused with Farida’s love for cinematic soundtrack; produced by her boyfriend Rasmus Thallaug, there’s a trace of Hans Zimmer in its electrifying arrangement.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Patrick Oldenborg

Source: https://www.clashmusic.com/news/track-of-the-day-101-farida