Brodie Harvey - Bury Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Uncover the Power of Brodie Harvey’s New Single, “Bury”

Brodie Harvey announces his new single. Coming into a new sound his indie pop, rock, and dance influences hit the stage as an indie artist. This song is about relationships and the effects drugs hinder them. People need to grow together with love and kindness.

Brodie Harvey, an up-and-coming indie artist from Brooklyn, United States, has just announced his newest single, “Bury”. With his mix of indie pop, rock, and dance influences, this new track is sure to make an impact on the music scene.

Brodie Harvey - Bury Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

The single is all about relationships, and how drugs can hurt them. Through Brodie’s powerful lyrics and melodic vocals, he conveys the message that love and kindness are what people need to grow together. The track is full of emotions, ranging from sadness to joy, and it’s sure to leave listeners feeling inspired.

Brodie’s sound is unique and hard to label, but it’s easy to tell that he is a true artist. His style is unorthodox yet precise, creating a genre-less landscape of music that is both moving and captivating.

“Bury” is an exciting new single from Brodie Harvey and one that is sure to gain him a lot of attention in the indie music scene. With its powerful message and unique sound, it’s sure to make a lasting impression on listeners. Be sure to check out Brodie’s new single, and keep an eye out for more music from this up-and-coming artist.