Watch Bat For Lashes, Julianna Barwick Cover Björk’s ‘The Anchor Song’

As part of a new live-stream…

Bat For Lashes was joined by Julianna Barwick for a version of Björk’s ‘The Anchor Song’ on a special festive live-stream.

Bat For Lashes has been using the digital realm as a means to stay in touch with fans, launching a Patreon project last year.

In amongst tarot readings and special merch, she promised online performances – and has been true to her word.

A festive live-stream brought a string of surprises, including a cover of ‘Walking In The Air’ and her own ‘Close Encounters’ from ‘The Bride’.

Julianna Barwick appeared to aid Bat For Lashes on a neat cover, with the pair performing Björk’s ‘The Anchor Song’.

Check out a clip below.

The full live-stream can be replayed in its entirety.

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Source: https://www.clashmusic.com/news/watch-bat-for-lashes-julianna-barwick-cover-bj%C3%B6rks-the-anchor-song