Who is Techno 8? A young and promising House and EDM artist

Willie Johnson, known as Techno 8 is a Electronic producer/Artist who has come to captivate thousands with his corky and ambience based style of music.

Techno 8

Techno 8 has made a name for himself in the category of UK Garage, House and EDM music, to which listeners all over the world thrive under the hard style melodies choppy vocals and ear worm bass that he uses in his music.


Johnson, studied the greats of his genre and work his way up to be known as another all time great, Deadmau5, Martin Garrix, Skrillex, and even Testio’ to name a few played a major role in Techno’s life’s to which he spired to become the next big thing.

Collaborations and future projects

Johnson has worked with plenty of other well known artist, and collaborated with other DJ’s on singles. The most well known song of all time by Techno8 ( Let it Go) featuring artist Ryan Konline showed that even in his most humbleness state that Techno8 could still produce bangers.

On January, 13th 2020 Johnson was placed on the cover of Blaster Music Magazine. Later on that same year, on June, 20th 2020 Music record Label, Share the Wealth Records, found major talent in Johnson and chose to sign him immediately to the music family. Willie would go on to release two of his first hit singles (Get Down Tonight, and Okay) both featuring T.E.V. As his prime vocalist for each of the songs.