Yaya Bey Returns With New Single ‘made this on the spot’

It's a collaboration with VCR…

Yaya Bey has shared her new single ‘made this on the spot’.

The Big Dada aligned artist is on a creative roll right now, following the release of her EP ‘The Things I Can’t Take With Me’.

Alongside this, Yaya shared a revelatory essay on Big Dada’s new editorial site – titled Why we owe the hood everything… I’ll get to that eventually you can find it HERE.

New single ‘made this on the spot’ comes from a very raw situation, and it finds Yaya Bey working alongside fellow artist V.C.R.

Yaya comments…

“‘made this on the spot’ is a song that’s still pretty painful to talk about. It’s a confusing situation honestly. Relationships go through so many transitions and the in-between phases can be really difficult. That’s the best I can say about this song.”

Dive in below.

Photo Credit: Andres Norwood

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Source: https://www.clashmusic.com/news/yaya-bey-returns-with-new-single-made-this-on-the-spot