ZiL and Maria Shockey Release New Single “CYNIC” Challenging False Images in Commercial Music

ZiL and Maria Shockey Release Powerful New Single “CYNIC” Challenging False Reality in Commercial Music

ZiL and Maria Shockey have teamed up to release their latest single, “CYNIC,” challenging the false image of reality often portrayed in commercial music. The duo, who met through their shared struggles, offer a unique sound influenced by artists like Jon Keith and Taylor Swift.

Recorded in Music City, Tennessee, ZiL’s self-production and Maria’s involvement in songwriting bring an authentic feel to the track. The single explores the idea of failed relationships and the cynicism that can result, questioning the healthiness of keeping people at arm’s length.

“Sometimes the fact that you don’t believe you deserve it, is exactly why you don’t,” says ZiL, capturing the vulnerability and honesty behind the song.

As the music industry continues to promote a picture-perfect image, “CYNIC” offers a refreshing take on reality, encouraging listeners to overcome their fear of vulnerability and let people into their lives.