Our Beauty in the Fire - Voices - Artwork - SONO Music

Discover the Unique Sound of Our Beauty in the Fire with Debut Single ‘Voices’

Uncover the Dark-Folk, Gothic, and Singer-Songwriter Sound of Matteo Fabbris and his Project Our Beauty in the Fire as He Invites You on an Exploration of Your Own Being.

Milan, Italy

Release Date: 2023-05-12
Check out Voices here: https://go.sono.to/voices

SONO Music is proud to announce the debut single of Our Beauty in the Fire, entitled ‘Voices’.
The Milan, Italy-based artist, singer/guitarist Matteo Fabbris, has been crafting his dark-folk,
gothic, and singer-songwriter sound after a long experience, with more than 20 years as part of
many underground and alternative bands and projects. Following a period of musical inactivity,
he started Our Beauty in the Fire in the summer of 2019, out of the need to give form to past
and current ideas, perceptions, and suggestions.

Our Beauty in the Fire - Voices - Artwork - SONO Music

‘Voices’ is the result of this journey, a journey that has taken Matteo through fear, melancholy, sheer joy, anxiety, and gentle surrender. It is a reflection of his personal growth, world, and personality, and his love for musical territories between dark, folk, and the attitude of singer-songwriters. With this single, he aims to lead the listener through fragments and flashes of intense, transient beauty.

Our Beauty in the Fire commented: “I’m really happy for this debut release. When I started working on my own material (more than three years ago) I had been going through a long blank
period, a sort of limbo after my last band had broken up. I wasn’t aware I was probably looking
for something meaningful, something that would spark again the joy of making music, but this
time I sensed It was quite natural to invest on my own personal growth, on my world and
personality, on the sounds I loved.

So Our Beauty in the Fire slowly took form and developed almost without me realizing it, quietly and almost secretly, as nobody apart from a couple of people around me knew what I was working on. I kept my music to myself until few months ago, when, after going through quite an extensive amount of finished songs and drafts, I decided to make some of them available to anyone who had the pleasure to listen to them.

‘Voices’ probably represented the turning point of this awareness or urge. Now, after many months of
work, I feel quite satisfied, also because I took care of this project entirely by myself. Lastly and
more importantly, Our Beauty in the Fire reflects who I am without any particular distortion; or superfluous element. Naïve yet sophisticated, decadent and deep, like the voices in my songs”

‘Voices’ is an offering of beauty and darkness, a journey into the depths of the soul, and a
reminder of the joy of creating music. With its debut single, Our Beauty in the Fire invites you on
a journey into the unknown and to explore the depths of your own being.

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