Dontmesswithjuan lands in the Metaverse with a new vision, a new world and a new perception of art

SONO Music Group it’s honoured to explore the metaverse for the first time with Dontmesswithjuan which mints her first NFT product on Zora.

Dontmesswithjuan and SONO Music Group, land in the Metaverse, by dropping Dontmesswithjuan’s first NFT from her last album: Juan & the Pursuit of Happiness.

The title is ‘Daily Grind: A Little Animated Story’ and it’s meant to dive into the surreal universe and the stories surrounding the debut album. This is the first piece of a collection of 8 little animated stories, one for each song of the album.

Discover Dontmesswithjuan’s NFT here: https://zora.co/collections/zora/6080 

This one explains the first level in Juan’s quest to find happiness, where he needs to confront himself for the first time and accept the haunting questions.

Dontmesswithjuan commented: “I am humbled to take my first step into the future, this time in collaboration with Abraham Merr and SONO. I am ready to explore, to learn, to adapt with this new journey. The characters are ready for this and I think they will love living in the Metaverse. It feels like a new playfield where imagination has no limit for what we can create around our music paths. LFG as the cool kids say.”