Digging for Kanky - Criminals and Heroes Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Explore The Dark Side of Society with Digging for Kanky’s ‘Criminals and Heroes’ ft. Kaiden Nolan, from SONO Music

Manchester, United Kingdom

Release Date: 2023-05-12
Check out Criminals and Heroes here: https://go.sono.to/criminalsandheroes

SONO Music is proud to announce Digging for Kanky’s new single ‘Criminals and Heroes’, a collaboration with the up-and-coming local indie rock talent, Kaiden Nolan.

Digging for Kanky - Criminals and Heroes Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Digging for Kanky is a Manchester-based trip-hop duo consisting of Ben and Smithy, who draw influence from the gritty undertones of the northern estates. The pair have brightened their sound for ‘Criminals and Heroes’, creating a contrast between the light and darkness of society.

Digging for Kanky had this to say about the collaboration: “Working with Kaiden was quality. It’s a proper different vibe to our usual double dark sounds constructed solely to make your kids cry. Kaiden brought the basic idea with him to the studio and we basically just built from there. The contrasting idea for the song seemed perfect for the contrast of styles between us and him. If you don’t know about him already I’m sure you will do soon.”

The band’s name comes from an urban myth in North Manchester involving a local grave robber named ‘Old Kanky’ in the 1800s. Ben and Smithy have been involved in music for many years, with Ben working in the events industry and Smithy working on community music projects with underprivileged youth on the local estate. After years of bedroom production and dabbling in other projects, Digging for Kanky was officially formed in 2019.

‘Criminals and Heroes’ is the first taste of a bigger project from the band and will be available on all major streaming platforms on the 29th March. The band have plenty more in store for the rest of 2023 so keep an eye out for more releases from Digging for Kanky.

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