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Nigerian-based Afromusic Creative Catalyst Stovia Shares Reflection on Unrequited Love with New Single “Show You Off”

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Release Date: 2023-05-26
Check out Show You Off here: http://uni.sono.to/showyouoff

SONO Music is proud to announce the release of “Show You Off”, a new single from Nigerian-based R&B/soul Afromusic creative catalyst Stovia.

The 18-year-old artist from Port-Harcourt, Nigeria expresses the global narrative of unrequited love in teenagers in clear relatable terms. Drawing from the common experiences of her environment, Stovia paints a picture of love and its tidings that spans across climes, cultures, and settings.

Stovia - Show You Off Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Stovia sings and writes music that fuses soul and RnB with Afro beats arrangements. The young musician seeks to evoke fantasy and escapism while artistically uncovering the not-so-obvious experiences that come with youthful exuberance. Born Somachi Obiora to her Nigerian parents, Stovia is a theatre art undergrad at the University of Port-Harcourt.

It is evident that the city’s musical climate has groomed and informed her musical expression to a point where she seeks to meet the global versatility demands of African music like the likes of Omah Lay and Burna boy. Stovia is inspired by the regal earthiness of Nina Simone, the lyrically soulful finesse of Summer Walker, and the vocal delivery of Ariana Grande, amongst others.

The Voyager is out with 3 singles and is currently in the recording phase for her next project which is due in August this year.

Commenting on the release of the single, Stovia said: “Love is a transformational process of interacting with other people in the deepest way possible. Sometimes people in love don’t take time to reflect on the progress of their relationship and how their actions or inactions can make or mar humanity. This song is a reminder, a reflective expression of those common moments in our relationship that have become a part of our motivation, fears, and hope. I hope it reminds us of how we can get better in our interaction with the ones we love.”

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