Jake Westpy SONO Music

SONO announces a new collaboration with singer/songwriter Jake Westpy.

Jake Westpy is a songwriter from the shores of New Jersey. He is a member of the group, “The Goldtunes” and has written many songs that were featured on notable music blogs around the world. This project aims to take creativity to the next level by collaborating with very talented musicians around the area and around the globe.

Stefano Poillucci, SONO founder and Head of A&R, said: “We are thrilled that Jake Westpy has chosen SONO as the partner to grow with. We’re looking forward to his upcoming releases”

The SONO deal offers Jake Westpy a full range of services, including global marketing, promotion, campaign support, global distribution, and more.

Commenting on the deal, Jake Westpy said: “I plan on stepping up my game in terms of songwriting. I have gone too may years around talented musicians without taking advantage of what we could create. Now that I am on board with SONO, I intend to reach new heights with my composition and forge meaningful connections within the industry.”


SONO Music is a record label and a collective of people aiming to empower artists by working on projects they personally love as a collaborative family. 

Providing services globally, SONO aims to embrace music while inspiring an outward thinking, making people enthusiastic about a world that has no boundaries, by communicating through music.

SONO services include A&R, music production, marketing and promotion, artist branding, radio & PR, global distribution and analytics.

SONO is dedicated to connecting artists and creatives globally, and to leave the world more colorful than we found it.