Atomic Love Disorder - Lobster Artwork - SONO Music Group

SONO announces Lobster the new Single by Atomic Love Disorder

The journey of life between the self discovery in the animated sea water with its sounds and the primal instinct of protection. Music follows the intimate narration of the journey, in an unceasing dialogue between instruments and vocals.

Release Date: 18/11/2022
Listen to / Pre-Save ‘ Lobster ’ here: https://go.sono.to/lobster 

In reality, \”Cervic\” and \”Applaro\” are an anticipation of a first LP. The \”Vergine\” LP will feature a large part of our musical journey as a band. Some of the outgoing songs are an evolution of our original production, others represent our present with some hints to the future or at least to what we imagine our future to be, although it is at times impossible to predict the compositional evolution and sound of a musical project. \”VIRGO\” will alternate more strictly electronic pop and dancefloor tracks, with more experimental and sometimes even aggressive songs. Even if we are always looking for our own personal and identifying style, sometimes we like to feel different from ourselves by trying to surprise and surprise us.

Atomic Love Disorder commented: “We have the great desire to effectively distribute our music: Promotion through dedicated platforms (webzine, fanzine, social and web ads) and human network”.

Artist Bio

Atomic Love Disorder is an eclectic music project by Claudio La Sala, Alessandro De Renzi and Mariachiara Nazzaro. Dance Floor and pop melodies mixed with voices, synthesizers, pianos, guitars and computer programming. Energy, elegance and atomic love are the prerogatives of the trio at the debut.