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SONO announces Never Any Time, the new single by Louie Drambouie

Melbourne, United States
Louie Drambouie announces New Single “Never Any Time: A new club anthem from Melbourne Australia based electronic music producer and DJ.

Release Date: 2023-01-13
Check out Never Any Time here: https://go.sono.to/neveranytime

The new single by Louie Drambouie was one of those special creations that just happens to miraculously appear. It came out of no where for Louie in a writing session and originally was a completely different sounding production. The original version was a much slower atmospheric track, with a long drawn out build. It soon seemed to change its form with the vocal sample taking pride of place in the mix. Now it is a certified club burner sure to take over any dance floor, we hope you enjoy this tune as much as we do!

Louie Drambouie commented:
“This track for me is something I don’t really remember creating, it came from the ether somehow without me having to put much thought. I sat down at the computer and the next thing I remember there was a fully formed idea. It only took a little bit of tweaking before it was ready to polish and send off for mastering. I feel this is our best track to date and is something I see fitting into not only my DJ sets but any dj set in a festival or club environment. Something about the vocal lines in this track really invoke strong emotions for me, it has a real euphoric feeling that gives me strong visions.”

Louie Drambouie Bio

Melbourne based DJ and Producer Louie Drambouie grew up In a musical household, where pianos, guitars and percussion instruments were easily accessible, Louie was quick to pick-up musical nuances.

Louie started his musical career as a keyboard player and back up vocalist for heavy metal
bands. After touring around Australia, playing across different venues and states,
Louie turned his musicality towards DJing and production.

Taking a large step away from his metal roots, Louie re-shaped his musical identity into the
musical entity Louie Drambouie.

Playing energetic sets of house, techno and original productions across Australia, Louie Drambouie is gaining traction as an exciting member of the Melbourne electronic music scene.

Meet Louie Drambouie on Social Media
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/louiedrambouie/
Spotify: Louie Drambouie on Spotify
Twitter: https://twitter.com/louiedrambouie

Louie Drambouie on Spotify


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