SONO announces Plant the new Single by Atomic Love Disorder

Pure rage and emotional disorder. Distorted sound and noisy feelings. An inner monologue where a moody mind is confusing a temporary insanity for love.

Listen to / Pre-Save ‘ Plant ’ here: https://go.sono.to/Plant 

This track was created during an improvisation session. It came out from pure instinct and musical chemistry. Like love at the first sight, it was mostly recorded immediately the first time we played it.

Atomic Love Disorder commented: “Plant is totally different from the others tracks realized till now. It’s an outsider and probably it will be disorienting. It has an aggressive sound, very distorted, quite different from our usual smooth and gentle tones. Probably it will result dystonic from our production, but not from the historical moment we are experiencing”

Artist Bio

Atomic Love Disorder is an eclectic music project by Claudio La Sala, Alessandro De Renzi and Mariachiara Nazzaro. Dance Floor and pop melodies mixed with voices, synthesizers, pianos, guitars and computer programming. Energy, elegance and atomic love are the prerogatives of the trio at the debut.

Atomic Love Disorder know where they come from and plunge into turmoil in the irrepressible compositional possibilities that the trio relentlessly elaborates. Electronics, experimentation, respect for one’s own references revisited in a totally personal and modern way. Live is a revolutionary experience, the biting female voice is free to provoke, relying on the sound strength of a duo of refined and powerful producers. We play the game of trust, as when we were children: we play and you close your eyes and let yourself go.

Mariachiara Nazzaro (vocals)
Alessandro ‘Drenno’ De Renzi (piano, keyboards, synth, bass guitar)
Claudio La Sala (guitar, synth, computer programming)