Van Elst - 1984 - Tino Konino ft. Van Elst Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

SONO Music announces 1984 the new 80s sounding Single by Van Elst & Tino Konino

Dutch Producer, Songwriter & Drummer Van Elst Remixes Tino Konino’s Track to Shine a Light on Mental Health Struggles.

Utrecht, Netherlands

Release Date: 2023-05-05
Check out 1984 here: https://go.sono.to/1984

SONO Music is proud to announce the new music single “1984” – Tino Konino ft. Van Elst. The track is a remix from Dutch Producer, Songwriter and Drummer, Van Elst, based in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Van Elst - 1984 - Tino Konino ft. Van Elst Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Van Elst has already made a mark in the music-sphere with his unsettling brand of electronica, compared to the likes of Joy Division and Crystal Castles. His music is a blend of melancholic synth lines, bass heavy electronics, atmospheric dream pop melodies with hints of psychedelia.

The story of “1984” began with Tino Konino, who had the idea of giving the track to another artist to see what they could make of it. He reached out to his friend Van Elst, who he had met on a plane to Amsterdam. He felt that Van Elst had the right sensibility and vision for the project.

Van Elst’s remix of “1984” builds on the original track’s pulsing synths and intricate percussion, while adding a new dimension with the addition of evocative vocals. The result is a captivating and immersive experience that transports listeners to the vibrant and exciting world of 80s music.

VAN ELST has been on a mission to shine a light on the unspoken sides of mental health. He hopes his music will create more awareness and understanding of the struggles experienced by many. “Listening to songs that relate to the situation I’m in helps me to process my feelings. With my music I hope to provide a feeling of hope and a similar healing experience for the listener”.

Listen to “1984” – Tino Konino ft. Van Elst will be available on SONO Music on May 5th.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vanelstmusic/
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