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SONO Music announces 9 weeks the new Single by Gillian Elyse

A modern day ode to 1980s pop, featuring big percussion, an exciting bass line, and all around feel good production. “9 weeks” highlights Gillian Elyse’s deep and androgynous voice and her relatable, catchy songwriting style.

The music video tells the story of two people falling in love moment by moment, styled in authentic 1980s vintage clothing, and shot in 48fps for a dreamy and dramatic feel.

Release Date: 30/09/2022
Listen to / Pre-Save ‘ 9 weeks ’ here: https://go.sono.to/9weeks 

This song was inspired by a girl who embodied the 1980s with her wardrobe, attitude, and look.

After a short stint of love with her, Gillian Elyse wanted to create a track that would honor their story as well as honor the feeling of loss that you have when things end unexpectedly. This upbeat track makes people want to dance and sing along.

With a mention of modern day dating apps and the difficulty in finding someone new when you’re hung up on your last love story, this song is a contemporary twist on 1980s pop music. This song was produced alongside Jaron Crespi (YRON), a producer and music artist based in LA. Jaron and Gillian met just a week after her break up, and he became as invested in the love story as she was at the time.

After hearing the demo that Gillian produced, Jaron took the idea and helped her create the sound environment that she wanted for the song to really come to life. Having written a plethora of songs in the past, this one is by far her favorite. It really encapsulates how she felt and still feels about the love story in a relatable way. She loves that this song makes her want to dance and simply feel good. It has been the anthem of her summer, and although it tells a sad story, it leaves people feeling happy and heard.

Artist Bio

Gillian Elyse is a black, queer artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Working with a lineup of producers and songwriters, she enjoys exploring different genres of pop music, writing stories of her own experiences of love found and love lost. Gillian’s songwriting style is influenced by country music legends, as well as the soothing and relatable story telling of reggae. Growing up in a Jamaican household as a first-generation American, Gillian’s queerness and love of the arts were uniquely encouraged from a young age.

Gillian moved to Los Angeles after a 3 year stint in Denver, CO, with the intention of becoming a published songwriter and music artist. She is surrounded by several seasoned artists, and works with producers and songwriters that have found their success in the industry, pushing herself to create a catalogue of pop music that she truly enjoys listening to and sharing with the world.

Gillian is currently working on a project called “BABY”, which is an ode to 80s pop music with a contemporary feel, telling her stories of love found, love lost, and introspection. Featuring booming percussion, exciting synths, and groovy bass lines, she provides direction by producing her own demos and working closely with her producers in each step of the production and mixing process.

Knowing that she was queer from a young age, Gillian started songwriting as a self-taught guitar player, telling her stories of first loves and first heartbreaks at age 13. Now 27, Gillian continues to fine-tune her songwriting style, paying close attention to the songs and artists that she is inspired by in order to incorporate new sounds and new experiences into her storytelling.

Living with bipolar II, Gillian’s goal is to continue to make music that makes people feel less alone, and in her successes, she wants to prove to herself and the world that living with chronic mental illness does not limit you and that you should never put your aspirations on the back burner.

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