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SONO Music announces a new artist on board, the alt project by Dionysiac

London, United Kingdom

We’re pleased to announce a new member from United Kingdom in the SONO Music family, welcome Dionysiac!

Who is Dionysiac?

Dionysiac, whose real name is Dioni Kechrimpari, is a singer/songwriter and producer from Athens, Greece based in London. She experiments with various genres, merging trip hop, electronica, psychedelic and cinematic sounds among others. She aims is in triggering new doors of perception through her sounds and words, that are as much airy and dreamy as they are intense and mysterious; they call for introspection while suggesting liberation from the boundaries of the mind.

Commenting on the deal, Dionysiac said: “I am very excited for my collaboration with Sono, and happy to announce the release of my next EP through Sono in the upcoming months. The EP is the first half of a conceptual project that interprets Nietzsche’s Dionysian/Apollonian unity in art, through contemporary lenses. The sounds derive from experimentation with physical and digital instruments, vocals are raw and ethereal, and the lyrics mostly explore time, space, liminality, and the relationship between the self and the “whole”.”

Stefano Poillucci, SONO Music founder and Head of A&R, said: “We are thrilled that Dionysiac has chosen SONO Music as the partner to grow with. It’s a great responsibility to help an artist continue to build towards their goals and aspirations, and we couldn’t be more ready for that exciting challenge.”

The SONO deal offers Dionysiac a full range of services, including marketing, promotion, campaign management, synchronization, global distribution, and more.

Meet Dionysiac on Social Media
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dkexx/
Spotify: Dionysiac on Spotify