Gintsugi - Outside (Live & Stripped Down) - Artwork - SONO Music

Uncovering Beauty From The Broken Pieces: SONO Music Group Announces Signing of Gintsugi to Label Family.

SONO Music is proud to announce the signing of Grenoble-born artist Gintsugi to their label family.

Gintsugi makes music from broken pieces and vulnerable parts, with the intention of laying bare the beauty of imperfections. She finds her strength in vulnerability, exacerbating her emotional body on a narrow line between exposure and rupture.

Gintsugi - Outside (Live & Stripped Down) - Artwork - SONO Music

Singer and multi-instrumentalist (piano, electronics, guitar), Gintsugi now composes and produces her work. Her first self-titled EP was produced by Victor Van Vugt (Nick Cave, Beth Orton); for the song Outside she collaborated with Yoad Nevo (SIA, AIR) at the mix. Her first full-length album is expected in the fall 2023, in collaboration with SONO Music and Beautiful Losers Records.

The SONO deal offers Gintsugi a full range of services, including global marketing, promotion, campaign management, synchronization, global distribution, and more. Stefano Poillucci, SONO founder and Head of A&R, said: “We are thrilled that Gintsugi has chosen SONO Music as the partner to grow with. It’s a great responsibility to help an artist continue to build towards their goals and aspirations, and we couldn’t be more ready for that exciting challenge”.

Gintsugi commented: “This live version of “Outside” is the first release with SONO Music, I’m very happy to announce the collaboration that will lead to the publication of my first full-length album, self-produced with additional production by Beautiful Losers Records.
I’m thrilled to share these new songs and to lead the listener into this universe, that sheds light on our most hidden secrets, the “elephants in the room” that nobody wants to talk about, but that we all share and that we could transform together.”

With her unique sound, Gintsugi is sure to make waves in the music industry. We are excited to see what she has in store with her upcoming album in collaboration with SONO Music and Beautiful Losers Records.

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