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Discover the Unforgettable Sound of ERATRA’s Astrospiritual Ceremonies with SONO Music

SONO Music is proud to announce the signing of Finnish duo ERATRA to its roster of international artists and their journey to bring their unique sound to the world

Eratra signed with SONO Music

SONO Music is proud to announce the signing of the multi-instrumental Finnish duo ERATRA to its growing roster of international artists. ERATRA creates an atmosphere to float in, a dimension full of colors and sound. Each of their songs is an Astrospiritual Ceremony; a journey beyond the stars.

ERATRA’s sound is derived from their Nordic roots and inspired by arctic waters, deep Lapland forests, and clear stellar skies.

ERATRA commented: “We are thrilled to join SONO, as we feel it is an opportunity to take our music to the world. ERATRA has a unique sound beyond genres that is hard to define, so our songs go under our own category, being called Astrospiritual Ceremonies. We are waiting to bring these ceremonies to charts and soundtracks worldwide.”

The SONO deal offers ERATRA a full range of services, including global marketing, promotion, campaign management, synchronization, global distribution, and more.

Stefano Poillucci, SONO founder and Head of A&R, said: “We are thrilled that Eratra has chosen SONO Music as the partner to grow with. It’s a great responsibility to help an artist continue to build towards their goals and aspirations, and we couldn’t be more ready for that exciting challenge”.


ERATRA is a multi-instrumental duo from Tampere, Finland. They have been creating their unique brand of music, blending elements of folk, rock, and electronica to create a sound that is both captivating and timeless.

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