SONO Music announces Analog Island the new single by Audible Void & Dontmesswithjuan

Audible Void and Dontmesswithjuan are teaming up for a new release bringing us back to the real things. Exploring this crevice between our digital lives and our seemingly faraway analog lives. Stemming from a natural perspective both artists share, the first single Analog Island of their upcoming EP titled with the same name should come and visit you as a refreshing breeze.

Release Date: 08/07/2022
Listen to / Pre-Save ‘ Analog Island ’ here: https://go.sono.to/analogisland 

Faded and pixelated memories remain from a time when things were so simple.

It all comes flooding back in vivid detail with a certain smell, until we can feel the sand between our toes. The way the light would dance and sparkle on the water, the cool breeze in the air and the sun warming our souls. Longing to return to that place, we close our eyes and listen to the sound of the waves slowly rolling in.

Audible Void & Dontmesswithjuan commented: “Working with Audible Void is an inspiring process connecting me at the same time with the natural world and the digital world. Exploring this paradox present in our current times with AV was an eye-opening experience and a self-excavating journey. All this through a dreamy and modular electronic sonic landscape unique to AV. Facing reality always brings me happiness. This kind of shivery-grass-in-a-hand happiness.”.

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