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SONO Music announces BREAKAWAY the new single by Rilla Force & Rothstein

BREAKAWAY brings a new flavor to hip hop, & electronic influenced music. Rilla Force redefines what it means to be a multi-genre artist for this new single.

Release Date: 08/07/2022

Listen to / Pre-Save ‘ BREAKAWAY ’ here: https://go.sono.to/breakaway

Rilla Force brings us BREAKAWAY (feat. Rothstein), an ode to humbling yourself, self worth, and never forgetting the moments that made you who you are today. 

Rilla says the process to making this wasn’t too difficult, the hard point was to pinpoint how to get the message across without being too vague. 

Naturally he started with making a quick drum loop and composing some melodies until he landed on what is now the chorus. Once working out the kinks Rilla knew he wanted another artist on the record to echo the theme. 

Rilla had been shopping demos to singer/songwriter Rothstein for a couple months at the time and figured he sent over BREAKAWAY which Rothstein( in more ways than one) told Rilla the other records are dope but this one is special! From there everyone knew the assignment and now we are here.

Rilla Force commented: “Transitioning from being a producer/Dj to now adding /songwriting/vocals to my repertoire has had its challenges, but overall have been getting amazing feedback. I’ve always wanted to sing, just never thought it would be my lane. With the EP I dropped earlier this year and following my last single CHERISH, BREAKAWAY was confirmation for me as an artist. 

I remember writing all the music that’s coming out in 2020. I knew the music was good, I just didn’t have the mindset to put myself first. I’m great at production, developing artists and building amazing records but somehow it usually ended up working for other people than on myself. BREAKAWAY speaks to staying humble and celebrating your milestones. There was a point in time where I felt bitter about working with some of my collaborators, but those experiences made me who I am today, whether they were positive or negative, they all molded my mindset and work-ethic and that’s something I’ve learned to be proud of.”

Artist Bio

Rilla Force is an artist, producer, and DJ hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. His signature sound is a sub genre he’s coined RNBDM– a blend of future bass infused with electronic, hip-hop, and RnB. Rilla Force has been producing music for over a decade. Over the years he’s worked with a roster of unique artists and has performed locally as an artist, as well as a DJ, across some of Boston’s premier music venues. He is looking forward to continuing to build relationships with other diverse artists, showcase his sound, and continuously give back to the music community.

Discover Rilla Force on SONO record label website: https://sonomusic.co/rilla-force 

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