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SONO Music announces By the Sea the new single by CAVA

CAVA is back with a wavy and fresh new single, imagining new sonic horizons that look at the future while finding strength and inspiration in the memories and places of a far-gone childhood.

Listen to / Pre-Save ‘ By the Sea ’ here: https://go.sono.to/bythesea 

Loneliness is bliss. In an overwhelmingly intense, fast paced, forward looking yet catastrophic world, it is easy to burn out and lose the compass. 

This song was born while walking by the sea, alone, looking for some sort of harmony. It is not an attempt to escape from reality but a drift and a search for new meanings and new music. 

A way to surrender and let go of the rhythm of the sea, the breath of the wind and the dancing of the waves. Being light when everything inside is heavy is perhaps only possible only through music. CAVA composes ‘By the Sea‘ with these feelings in their hearts. 

“Sounds and language mix and contrast with each other. While light-hearted and summery melodies and hooks like a breeze keep you going, vocals, choruses and sonic explosions tell a story of a fight for liberation and growth, of being a child who’s trying to become a man.”

Using mixed techniques, sampling, and musical and stylistic cliches to create a song that gives space to memories and meditation while at the same time attempting to disrupt and break the chains holding us back with a catchy, fresh yet nostalgic tune.

CAVA commented: “We are thrilled to share our second single as a new chapter of our artistic and musical journey. Once again we are looking inside us, scratching the deepest fears, lost memories and feelings and trying to transform them into music that can keep us going. In the search for new meanings, emotions and excitement we are paving our way into new and unknown musical territories which we’ll be sharing in our upcoming first EP. “.

CAVA Biography

Cava is a pop-experimental duo born in the same house. As brothers, they are united by music and love for life; As CAVA, they explore new sonic boundaries, dwell on the fringe of genres but shout to the mainstream asking to follow. 

Their sound draws from and mashes together indie, electronica, world music, primitive rhythmics and electro-pop through electro-acoustic manipulations into catchy futuristic tunes. Their first two singles: ‘we come in peace!’ and ‘By the Sea’ are both a manifesto and an invite for all to show up, live fully and reconnect to the inner child.

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