SONO Music announces Drug Dealer! the new single by Salads

Salads – a 20 year old from London – is finally coming out with his debut single for his new era with the single “Drug Dealer!”.

Recovering from drug abuse and addition – finding peace within himself and his past trauma, bringing back old pop punk sounds from the early 2000s that Salads grew up listening to.

Release Date: 29/07/2022
Listen to / Pre-Save ‘ Drug Dealer! ’ here: https://go.sono.to/drugdealer 

Drug Dealer is about Salads’ past struggles and his recovery from drug abuse, mostly Prescription Downers and Opiates. Using them from a young age to cope with truama and his insecurities, using drugs as his prior-bad coping mechanisms.

This song will project Salads towards the new generation of Gen Z pop punk such as artists like Lil Aaron, SmrtDeath, KennyHoopla, Lil Lotus and more.

Salads commented: “I cannot wait to release this song to the world as in every live show I’ve played, it has been a crowd favourite and this is my first debut single that is a Pop Punk record. bringing back my old roots mixed with all the inspirations and new sounds I picked up along my musical journey. Drug Dealer! will be the first Salads release with professional photoshoots and a music video and lyric video. After Drug Dealer! I have two new songs waiting to be released along with this new era. SaladsSuburbia is always w0rldbuilding <3 " Artist Bio

Patty – stage name “Salads” or as known as PattySalads, combines pop, punk, rap, and alternative music in a genre-bending way that pays homage to his pop-punk beginnings combined with aspirations from music he listened to growing up in Bangkok, Thailand.

His use of personal lyrics tells relatable stories about love, loss, addiction, and recovery. While he combines different production sounds and genres from his inspirations. 

He then was forced to move to the outskirts of London and stay in a Christian boarding school throughout his primary and most of his secondary years, then later moved back to Thailand where he dropped out one year before graduation – in that time he took a film course in Fullerton, California for 6 months then later moved to Epsom, London.

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