SONO Music announces Fa Male the new Single by DARDO & Ticco

Fa male is the third single from DARDO, a song with strong but extremely modern sounds. It will be the first song in which another artist will also participate: Ticco. The song is about suffering for love, and how two people can experience it differently.

Release date: 09/09/2022
Listen / Pre-Save ‘Fa Male’ here: https://go.sono.to/famale

This song was born in the best way possible: spontaneously.

DARDO tells the story of the single:

We were at Ticco’s house at that time and like every time we have the way we spent the afternoon making music, with three beers sharing laughter and passions.

We didn’t even notice what we were creating, only when we were getting back in the car, listening to the piece again, we realized what we had in our hands.

And this hurts.

DARDO commented: “It hurts is the third piece I will publish, and it is the most special release for me to date.

In my musical journey there are two very important figures for me: Bilico, my producer / best friend and Ticco.

We shared all of our passions and friendship and therefore could not miss a collaboration with Ticco. We can’t wait for you to hear it”.

Artist Bio

Edoardo D’Onghia, born in 2000, born and raised in Rome.
From an early age he was captivated by music, starting and studying singing at 13 and, over the years, he learned to play the piano, guitar and bass and started producing to be able to put everything together in his songs.
In 2020 his first songs are released together with the band Civico35, which dissolved shortly after.
In the last two years he has been working hard in search of an extremely personal and authentic sound and ‘it hurts’, his third single, will be the first song with the participation of another artist: Ticco

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