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SONO Music announces L’Ora Buona, the new single by Will Bloom

Ladispoli, Italy

“L’ Ora Buona” is the new single by Will Bloom that, through a “super-funky” beat and a text full of tributes to “Street Culture” and its reference artists, recalls the origins of hip hop. It has a text full of references to “Street Culture” and artists of the past. It is a song that, while recalling all the elements of Old School Rap, today is perfectly at home in a Pop context, managing to be a very danceable, light and carefree song, while containing a loaded and introspective text.

Already from the title “L’ Ora Buona” wants to be an anthem to lightness, in fact it does not exhort any action of revolt if not the personal one, paradoxically reachable without pursuing any complicated philosophy, but simply through a shaking off of the heaviness that too often characterizes us. The text of the song is introspective but self-ironic in this way it manages to transmit joy giving it a sense and a context, citing characters from the world of skateboarding such as Steve Caballero, or music such as Ray Charles, also inserting a small hidden reference (not too much) in homage to the great Gigi Proietti, who left us precisely in the period in which the text of this song was taking shape.

Will Bloom commented: “L’ Ora Buona” is the second song I found myself writing when I opened the “Cyber Funk” EP project. I wrote it with the intention of transmitting the charge I felt at that moment trying, through this, to create that connection between Hip Hop (the world I came from) and the artist I wanted to become, that is eclectic, polyhedral, deep and light at the same time.

Will Bloom Bio

My name is Will Bloom, I am a rapper/songwriter. My reference genres are Rap; Funk; Jazz; Soul.

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