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SONO Music announces Ma Dove Sei, the new single by Sconforto

Torino, Italy

“Ma Dove Sei” is the new single by Sconforto produced together with Nova. In this song, the artist tells a story of a finished love and the memories linked to it, retracing moments described as photos of the past with a calm voice in the verses and emotional and poignant in the choruses. The instrumental, on the other hand, creates a strong contrast by mixing emo guitars with rhythms and synths coming from RnB and UK Garage, making the song energetic and danceable.

Release Date: 2023-01-27
Check out Ma Dove Sei here: https://uni.sono.to/madovesei

This song is the second single of the 2000s project anticipated by “Biscia”. In each song, references are made to the early 2000s, starting from its characteristic sound to the graphic and visual style. This song is strongly inspired by the love for artists such as Craig David, Justin Timberlake and the productions of Timbaland. This music from that historical period inspired Sconforto’s desire to make music, creating the desire in him to create a modern project drawing on typically 2000s sounds, creating a fresh, new product but with many references to the past.

Sconforto commented:
“In this song I experimented with more pop and dance sounds, Nova and I played various synths and used a Fender Stratocaster to create the background guitars. We were inspired by UK garage arrangements, songs like Fill Me In, putting our own inspiration and artistic vein. The percussion takes up the classic 2000s sound of Timbaland’s productions and other producers of those years. We used the vocoder for the special to make the sound even more futuristic and create more variation in the arrangement.”

Sconforto Biography

Sconforto is a unique and versatile artist. Mixing past and present, he creates a sound that ranges between various genres without ever being banal. A maniacal search for details both in terms of sound and in terms of the use of the voice. A very personal way of singing that blends with alternative and never banal sounds.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sconfy.soffri/
Spotify: Sconforto on Spotify

Sconforto on Spotify


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