Cecilia Lara - SONO Music

SONO Music announces OFDQ the new single by Cecilia Lara

Cecilia teams up with soqQuadro for this electronic\\folk Hybrid. Inspired BY artists such as Björk and Beach House, OFDQ is the perfect soundtrack for an imaginary world\’s BBC documentary, guiding you through its dreamy and surreal landscapes

Release Date: 25/11/2022
Listen to / Pre-Save ‘ OFDQ ’ here: https://go.sono.to/OFDQ 

Cecilia Lara - SONO Music
Cecilia Lara – SONO Music

Cecilia Lara and soqQuadro met while studying in France and immediately started making music together, recording songs in a 9m² dorm room for months. Now she lives in Madrid and he lives in Milano but they still meet up to make music together. This song was born as an experiment by soqQuadro using Cecilia\’s vocals and imagining a complete different scenery as the background for them.

Cecilia Lara commented: “Close your eyes and let go!! Promised, you’ll travel…”

Artist Bio

Cecilia Lara is a singer songwriter from Madrid. Her music reminds some of the literary style of Latin-American magical realism. In the sweet idealization of memories you find Saudade – a typical feature of Iberian folk music.

From the first homemade songs the the most recent ones, produced by artists such as Belize and soqQuadro, her musical journey is ever evolving, despite always preserving a nostalgic and intimate feeling.