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SONO Music announces tatuaggi, the new Single by DARDO

Roma, Italy

Dardo is a musician from Rome who writes pieces together with his producer/best friend Bilico in an old attic. Tatuaggi ballad is the artist’s fourth single, marking the beginning of an even more mature project and a more frequent release frequency.

Release Date: 2023-02-03

Check out tatuaggi here: https://uni.sono.to/tatuaggi

Tatuaggi is an authentic single, without too many turns of phrase or sophisms. Tattoos talks about pain, remorse, anger and the emotions that are felt immediately after the break-up, wandering through the city and coming to terms with oneself and nothing else. The song was born out of a need to vent, as if the words had come out on their own, simple but true, because that’s what Dardo wanted to make clear, the truth, even if it’s sad or predictable, that pain that makes us all equal in those situations.

DARDO commented: February 2022, I had just received a big heartbreak, maybe it was my fault, maybe not, but it didn’t really matter because what I needed was to be able to free myself from the grip of pain I felt in my chest. Tattoos speaks of the sign that someone can leave you, that you can’t erase even if you want to, even if that person has caused you incredible suffering, you are not even able to hate them even if you want to, and despite carrying their sign like a tattoo, sooner or later you will move on and be able to accept these cursed tattoos. Publishing this piece exactly one year after its writing has something special for me, it forces me to think how that event changed me and made me grow. I hope that in some way ‘tattoos’ can help someone who is or has been in my same situation.


Edoardo D’Onghia, also known as DARDO, born in 2000 and raised in Rome. Since he was a child he was captivated by music, starting to study singing at 13 years old and, over the years, he learned to play the piano, guitar and bass and started producing to be able to put it all together in his songs. In 2020 his first songs were released with the band Civico35, which disbanded shortly after. Over the years the artist has experimented a lot, always mixing more genres in a pop key. Every song released so far is completely different from the previous one while still maintaining consistency with a very well-defined project. On February 3rd the ballad ‘tatuaggi’ was released, his fourth single.

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