Love Poser Just Signed in SONO Music Article Image

SONO Music announces today a new collaboration with the singer-songwriter: LovePoser

Who is LovePoser?

18-year-old fast-rising music act, LovePoser was born on April 19th 2004 and grew up writing/making his own songs inside his bedroom in Texas. Growing up listening to Blink-182, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, and Radiohead.

The indie/pop act shows these different influences in his debut single “Stvck Up!” and second single “Wake Up” witch released the following December. However, poised to change the narrative of the music industry LovePoser provides entertaining yet thought-provoking songs, as shown with his latest release “Want Me Around”, practically disrupting the music industry in just a few months.

The ingenuity of LovePoser and his amazing wordplay skills and lyrical prowess will surely propel the young talented act to reach a wide audience.

Stefano, SONO founder and Head of A&R, said: “We are thrilled that LovePoser has chosen SONO Music as the home to grow in. It’s a great responsibility to help an artist continue to build towards his/her goals and aspirations, and we couldn’t be more ready for this exciting challenge.”

The SONO deal offers LovePoser a full range of services, including global marketing, promotion, campaign management, synchronization, global distribution, and more.

Commenting on the deal, LovePoser said: “I’m actually super excited about signing with SONO in my eyes they have created this amazing way that artist can keep creative control, make good music and then SONO makes ends meet on the business side to make sure the track does as well as possible. I’m really expecting things to go well with SONO I was able to do pretty good things independent but i think having them behind me will help me take my career to the next level.”