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SONO Music announces Golia, the new single from Will Bloom.

Ladispoli, Italy

“Golia” is a Rap-Rock song within a Funk EP! The sounds of the track draw inspiration from groups like “Rage Against The Machines” but fit perfectly into the contemporary musical context thanks to the strong link of some of its elements with the current Italian Trap-Rap scene.

Release Date: 2023-02-17
Check out Golia here: https://uni.sono.to/golia

“Golia” is an angry track, which summarizes some key concepts of the EP “Cyber Funk” of which it is part. All this, however, with a rather subtle text that stages the events of a giant society (from which the name Golia) to which the imagination, the ingenuity of the artists try to oppose to survive.

Will Bloom commented: “I wrote ‘Golia’ thinking of it as the last song of the EP “Cyber Funk”, and so I wanted it to be a song that contained all the poetics of the project, that is the dream, the fantasy, the game etc … The thing that most fascinated me in choosing a title like this was to notice how despite having chosen an epic story so classic and ancient as that of David and Goliath, and having inserted it into a project with a futuristic title recalling Cyberpunk, it has shown itself to be anything but dissonant and indeed perfectly in line with all the concepts that this literary and cinematographic current encloses, creating a “harmonious” dualism between past and future. ”

Will Bloom Bio

My name is Will Bloom, I am a rapper and songwriter. My reference genres are Rap, Funk, Jazz, Soul.

Will Bloom is a rapper and songwriter whose music is rooted in rap, funk, jazz and soul. His music draws inspiration from a variety of genres and artists, creating a unique blend of sound. He has been featured on a number of releases and has collaborated with a variety of producers and other artists.

His lyrics are deep and meaningful, often tackling topics that are close to his heart. He has a knack for crafting captivating beats, and his music has an emotionality that resonates with listeners. Will Bloom’s music has been praised for its clever use of samples, complex and intricate delivery, and its knack for fusing genres together. He is an artist who is constantly pushing boundaries, and his sound is one that is sure to captivate any listener.

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