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Unlock Your Inner Witch and Join the brndxn Cult with SONO Music’s Latest Release!

18-year-old experimental hyperpop artist brndxn releases his newest single “WITCHHUNT”, setting the stage for his upcoming 8-song EP!

Newcastle, Australia

brndxn is an experimental-hyperpop artist hailing from Newcastle, Australia. WITCHHUNT is the lead single for an 8-song EP scheduled for release later this year. Its trance-inducing melodies paired with aggressive, hard-hitting 808s set the stage for a story, one about being ostracised for not fitting his environment’s status quo.

Release Date: 2023-03-17
Check out WITCHHUNT here: https://uni.sono.to/WITCHHUNT

SONO Music is proud to announce the release of the brand new single “WITCHHUNT” by experimental-hyperpop artist brndxn, hailing from Newcastle, Australia.

Brndxn is an 18-year-old alternative artist that is making waves with his experimental-hyperpop sound. His latest single, “WITCHHUNT” is the first single from his upcoming 8-song EP scheduled for release later this year. This single sets the stage for a story about being ostracized for not fitting the status quo of his environment. It pairs trance inducing melodies with aggressive, hard hitting 808s to create a soundscape that is sure to captivate listeners.

The single “WITCHHUNT” is now available across all streaming platforms. The single’s music video was shot in Sydney and is brndxn’s third release of the year.

brndxn said: “I know it seems cliche to say that this song holds a special place in my heart, but I can’t help but be happy because it’s the first song of 2023, the first song with a genuine music video, the first single from a run of tracks that will lead to a project later this year. I really hope it succeeds because I’m so hard on myself and what I create that I’d be glad for this to be my debut and for me to have a little cult of followers who can all say that this song is how they discovered me. I would say I’m pretty unknown right now, and justifiably so I’ve only released two songs, 3 I guess if you count the demo that I released on my birthday on Soundcloud and YouTube. Even if the song doesn’t do well, the memories attached to it, both good and bad, makes it invaluable to me. I won’t ever forget the weekend trip to Sydney to shoot the video, meeting Ryan ( director ) for the first time and getting sunburnt as hell at that stupid little overpriced cafe that we linked up at, then that night spending $60 on gyg just for it to get cold on the way back to the hotel and THEN finding out the hotel didn’t even have forks, so we sat there and ate it with our fingers, in the dark.”

We are excited to see what brndxn has in store for his upcoming project. Be sure to give “WITCHHUNT” a listen and join the brndxn cult!

Meet brndxn on Social Media
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/1brndxn/
Spotify: brndxn on Spotify
Twitter: https://twitter.com/1brndxn

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