SONO Music Group

SONO Music Group is a record label and a collective of professionals that aims to make talented artists grow by working as a collaborative family. The word “Sono” in Italian means “I am”, in Latin means “sound”.

We are a group of young and passionate people that work on the projects we personally love, where passion is our main value. Our record label, SONO Music, partners with FUGA, one of the three preferred Spotify international music distribution for labels, with 5 million+ tracks, with over 5 million deliveries every month.

The SONO Music Group, works side by side with artists, sharing with them strategies that have been tried and tested on how to go about intricate facets of the music business.

SONO take care of areas such as production, distribution, and promotion in order to release phenomenal record products.

When it comes to indie labels, SONO Music Group stands out as one of the most innovative and revolutionary players.

Driven by a passion for music, the Italian label seeks to find the most promising talents and catapult them to the next level.

The company offers exceptional management, concert, and label services for up-and-coming artists who are making great music despite having their studios in their bedrooms or basements.


The latest singles, albums and EPs from SONO Record Label.

California Loked - SONO Music Group
Courtney Love Loked SONO Music Group
Ho la faccia di chi? Loked - SONO Music Group
Mademoiselle Jeky Hyde SONO Music Group


What we do at SONO Music Group


We share with the artist all the strategies and ideas needed to build a solid career path in the music industry.


We help the artist to take care of music production, artist brand identity, music promotion and worldwide distribution.


We organise live shows to share memorable experiences, live energy. Booking, promotion, logistics and production.