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SONO Music Group is a record label and a collective of professionals aiming to empower artists by working on projects they personally love as a collaborative family. “Sono” in Italian means ‘I am’, in Latin means ‘sound'.

with no boundaries

Providing services globally, SONO aims to embrace music while inspiring an outward thinking, making people enthusiastic about a world that has no boundaries, by communicating through music.

The mission at SONO is to connecting artists, creatives and music lovers globally, leaving the world more colorful than we found it.

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Discover our family.

Artists and bands from all over the world. Everyone with its own vision, beliefs and creativity, but all with the same passion, music.

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Listen to the latest music.

We distribute globally to every DSP on the market, pitching music to editorial teams and playlists editors in 200+ stores and 150+ countries.


How we support artists.

We aim to create synergy between artist, team members, label and fans. 


We share with the artist all the strategies and ideas needed
to build a solid career path in the music industry.


We help the artist to take care of music production, artist brand identity, music promotion and global distribution.


We organise live shows to share memorable experiences, live energy. Booking, promotion, logistics and production.

Press Releases

You shouldn’t mess with Juan. His story is in Mutant Fur, the new single by Dontmesswithjuan

Press Releases

Music to help Alzheimer research. SONO Music Group announces Paces, the debut Single by Kura Sky.

Press Releases

SONO Music Group signs a global deal with Mojave Grey


Kura Sky


Mojave Grey


La Terra non basta più, Loked scappa su nuovi pianeti e lancia il suo nuovo singolo, pieno di speranza.

Press Releases

L’indie-pop diventa “vaporoso”: Matite, il nuovo singolo di Ilmare, è fuori ora.


Music and Nature, an eternal connection.

Press Releases

New single from Tekla. Her story about love and distance, during pandemic.


The History of Sax

Press Releases

Young, talented, analogic. They’re The Lanes, from the UK.

Press Releases

SONO Signs Global Deal With The Lanes 


Being a music star is not just enough that you can sing well.


We’ve had enough of blue Mondays in 2020.

Press Releases

The Unusual Drake’s One Dance remake by Dontmesswithjuan


The Story of Dr. Martens


The Lanes


Mountains, the meaning behind SONO Music Group logo.


Don’t Be Boring, Be A Different Artist.

Press Releases

SONO Music Group announces Italian exclusive deal with The Boston Shakers

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