How It Works

Modular deals, creative freedom.

A collaborative, synergic and friendly team.

The SONO System

The SONO System is designed to grow with the artists and supports them at three different stages of their music career.

NOTE: these are not purchasable packages; rather, they are Free Support Tiers

Artists starts from the SONO Core tier (unless rare exceptions), after achieving determined milestones and our AR Team evaluation, they will be moved to higher tiers.

Starting Point..




  • Global Distribution & Strategy advice.
  • Direct Editorial Playlists pitch
  • SONO for Artists app & platform + SONO Hub Optional Add-Ons w/ chat support
  • Pre-Save & Smartlinks, Marketing Tools, Press Releases
  • Tools, Tips, Guides
  • A/R Email Support & Analytics
  • Artwork & Basic Promo Support through SONO for Creators, SONO for Artists tools or email support.
  • YouTube Content ID
  • Free UPC & ISRC codes
  • Basic NFT
  • Publishing & Administration
  • Royalties Advances (conditions apply)




  • SONO Core +
  • Funding
  • Dedicated Management, Strategy Calls/Meetings & Label Rep Support
  • Priority Email/Chat Support, Video or Tel Calls, Meetings with Label Reps.
  • Artist Branding & Merchandising
  • Marketing, Promo and Press Campaigns
  • PR, Radio, Synch & Licensing
  • Physical Copies, NFTs
  • Live Booking & Metaverse Events




  • SONO Core & Up +
  • Major Funding
  • Full Support
  • Full Management
  • Full Music Production
  • Full Global Marketing, Creativity & Promo
  • Full Sync, Licensing, Radio, PR
  • Full Booking & Touring
SONO Music - SONO for Artists App - Music Distribution and promotion


  • Pre-Save / Smartlinks + Marketing tools.
  • SONO for Artists platform’s tools & resources.
  • Strategical planning advice & customised direct pitches to editorial playlists.
  • Artists keep majority of revenues and creative freedom.
  • Analytics: cross-platform streaming insights, playlist history, skip rates.
  • Artist Branding, Artworks and Recording: at this stage we link the artist to our graphic desigers, 3d artists, mixing and mastering etc. in SONO for Creators hub, an ecosystem to help and connect artists & creators globally.
  • A/R Team monitors the artist and the market in order to find opportunities to push the artist to the “SONO UP” level.


SONO CORE services +
  • Dedicated management support: a dedicated person to talk to, to give advices on the next move, refine releases details and craft customised strategies.
  • Artist Branding & Artworks: our graphic designers take care of artist’s visual identity across social media and support with content creation.
  • Marketing / Promo / Press support: help with creation of promotional campaigns, marketing strategies, merchandising and PR.
  • Music production support: our producers give advices and support to finalize the production of musical works.
  • Live & Metaverse booking and events: where and when applicable, we take care of finding opportunities for gigs and festivals, both in real and virtual life.
  • Synch: musical works submissions for tv, ads, videos synch & licensing consideration.
  • Physical Copies, NFTs: we’ll support artists when producing and selling vinyls, CDs, cassettes, NFT products.
  • Funding: if hype is rising, we invest in the project
SONO Music - SONO for Artists App - Music Distribution and promotion - Device mockup
SONO Music - SONO for Artists App - Music Distribution and promotion - Device mockup 2


SONO CORE services +

SONO UP services +

  • Major fundings to the project 
  • Full Support: we support artists in every aspect of their career
  • Full Music Production: if needed, our producers work side by side with the artist (and their producer) to maximize the outcome of their musical works.
  • Full Marketing and Promo: We’ll push advertising, marketing worldwide to bring the project up the charts.
  • Synch, licensing and radio: We’ll maximize creative promotion, synch opportunities, playlist pitching and radio placements.
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