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SONO Green sustainability program

One Song One Tree, our first SONO Music sustainability campaign

Our story

SONO is green, by nature.

Welcome to SONO Green, an integral part of the SONO Music family.

Beyond our commitment to nurturing emerging artists through our record label and music distribution services, we embark on a journey to make a positive impact on our planet through SONO Music sustainability programs.

Dedicated to fostering sustainability within the music industry, SONO Green aspires to set an example for others. Our hope is to inspire fellow companies and artists to join us on this eco-friendly journey 🌴.

Operating with a 99% remote team, SONO embodies the transformative power of technology. It enables us to connect individuals from diverse corners of the world, united by a shared goal of creating a sustainable and harmonious future through music.

Our campaign

One Song One Tree

Welcome to SONO Green, where our “One Song, One Tree” music sustainability campaign transforms melodies into a meaningful contribution to a greener planet

With each SONO Music release, we pledge to plant a tree, echoing our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Our mission is rooted in a simple yet powerful concept: for every song that resonates through SONO Music, a tree takes root. 

This initiative symbolizes our dedication to a more sustainable world and invites you to be a part of this positive change.

Join us on this eco-friendly journey and let’s create a symphony of positive change together.


SONO Green blends music with sustainability through our "One Song, One Tree" initiative, turning SONO Music releases into a pledge for environmental responsibility.


Beyond melodies, we’ll plants a tree for each SONO Music release, showcasing our commitment to a greener, healthier world.

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Bringing sustainability in the music industry, we try to set an example for eco-friendly practices, believing in music's role in a more sustainable future.


With a 99% remote team, SONO leverages technology to unite a global community for an eco-friendly impact. Explore the harmonious synergy of music, sustainability, and diversity.

SONO Green music sustainability campaign

One Song, One Tree.