Amberscent – The Real Things

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Amberscent - The Real Things - SONO Music

The fourth single opens one of the most challenging chapters of the upcoming album “Between Strength and Beauty” and addresses the delicate theme of mental health.

“The Real Things” shows us that it’s possible to dive into the uncharted depths of our feelings and unconscious without succumbing but returning to the surface with something more.

The song is a monologue by the artist to a child who has just accomplished this feat. Being self-aware, knowing who we are and what we want, has always been one of the most important “duties” we have as human beings, according to Amberscent. And, perhaps, the most difficult one.

With this song, Amberscent wants to celebrate the rebirth of those who, like her in the past, have struggled to reclaim their thoughts and feelings, and thus, their own person.

We live in a world that can be very oppressive, and according to the artist, there are more people who live governed by fear than those who live driven by the engine of love and courage.

And even though delving into the abyss of our minds can be very risky – the artist refers especially to what is termed mental illness, which unfortunately is still too often labeled derogatorily – in some cases, it can be the only true lifeline.

In this song, Amberscent wants to serve as living proof that one can resurface after touching the sandy bottom of our minds, and she firmly believes that being able to describe how those very rare grains are made up is something of immeasurable value to people, especially for those who are facing this type of suffering.

Amberscent’s message, therefore, is not only directed at the child but extends to all those who find themselves between the bottom and the surface, feeling inevitably lost between two things that don’t seem real at that moment but together make up our reality.


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Amberscent – The Real Things Lyrics


I bet you are
Here with me
Now that I guess
You don’t need anything
To see
The real things
Oh there’s much more than this
These are
The real things
For the ones who never walk
They stay
They’re still standing even though
They fall
Oh girl
You can save yourself
Now that you are
Here with us
I guess
You don’t
You don’t need anything
To see
The real things
You’re much more than what
You may think
And still I keep
Your real things safe
Still I keep your things safe
For they are
The things
You will need when you will have to stay
To change
Now you’re here
And you’ll have to be brave
They say
Now that your here you’ll have to be