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Discover the New Sounds of GlamRock with Sconforto’s Latest Single “Graffi”

Torino, Italy

SONO Music Presents “Graffi”, Sconforto’s New Single: An Instant Classic of “Glam” and “Late-90s/Early-2000s” Rock.

Release Date: 2023-04-07
Check out Graffi here: https://uni.sono.to/graffi

SONO Music is proud to present the latest single from Sconforto, “Graffi”. The Torino-based artist from Italy is branching out with his most recent song, borrowing inspiration from the GlamRock and early 2000s rock scene.

A strong electric guitar riff, an arresting vocal delivery, and a catchy chorus combine to make the song’s chorus an instant earworm for listeners. The song’s conclusion, a soaring vocal line in the last chorus, instantly establishes it as a classic.

Sconforto is a unique and multifaceted artist. His sound combines past and present, and he is always looking for ways to experiment with his sound in new and exciting ways. His distinctive vocal style complements the alternative sounds on the track, making it something truly special.

Sconforto commented: “A triumph and a return to my roots, this song. I began out as a guitarist and have done a lot of experimenting, but it felt like I needed to get back to where I started. a band, my voice, a guitar, a bass, and some drums. This song emphasizes my desire to perform live, from the accompanying band in the video to the song’s arrangement and structure that are ideal for live performance. Due to the popularity of my most recent performances, it’s a return to live music and to the deepest feelings (EmoNight in Milan and Generazione in Turin). In order to promote the new Sconforto with an outstanding performance, I plan to put together a little tour for 3 dates.”

The new single is sure to be a hit with both new and old fans alike, as it captures the energy of the artist’s live performances and brings it to the studio. Sconforto’s latest single is an exciting new direction for the artist, and fans are sure to be surprised by the new sound.

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